How does the oi-blocks system work ?

oi-blocks construction sets consist of blocks and rods made of wood. All construction sets can be combined.

The base cube has a length of 3 cm.

Two types of rods

The oi-blocks construction system comprises two types of rods – thicker rods with a slit and thinner rods without a slit.

Two types of bores

The blocks have two types of bores – through-bores and blind bores.

Thicker rods for connecting

The ticker rods with a slit fit into the through-bores tightly and do not enter the blind bores. They are used for connecting the blocks.

Thinner rods for shafts

The thinner rods without a slit enter both bore types. They can move freely in through-bores and fit tightly in blind bores. The thinner rods can be used as shafts. 


With new construction sets, you may find it difficult to insert the rods into the blocks. Wood is a natural material that expands and contracts. With usage, inserting the rods into the blocks becomes easier. 

Wie have patented the oi-blocks construction system and put a lot of effort in the development and improvement of our wooden blocks and rods.

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This toy is designed for children of 4 years and older.

Warning! It is not suitable for children under 3 years. Choking hazard!