Wooden construction toy

100% wood, 0% plastic, 100% natural

100% wood, 0% plastic,

100% natural


designed to spark imagination & creativity

designed to spark

imagination & creativity


swiss quality... that lasts for generations


design & manufacturing

oi-blocks is a construction system. You can build countless objects with one set or by combining several construction sets. The possibilities are limitless!


Little Train

Little Train vintage

Lok vintage

CHF 54

Pok vintage

CHF 59

Tok vintage

CHF 59


3 bonhommes

CHF 19

2 in 1

3 in 1

Construction nu

CHF  174



At Christmas 2014, Klaus was once again overwhelmed by all the cheap plastic toys for his children and worried at the thought of the harm to our environment through production, transport, and missing disposal. Then he had an idea:

Why not produce a high-quality toy, which is entirely made of renewable and recyclable raw materials? Ideally, a construction toy, which stimulates the development of children and which adults (including Klaus) also still love to play with…

oi-blocks are made of non-treated beech wood. No plastic. Only wood. We want to create toys that are made of renewable materials only. The beech wood comes from sustainably managed Swiss forests. We finish the blocks with a natural wood oil (no solvents, no VOCs) that contains color pigments (or not).

Toys play a very important role in the development and learning process of our children. Particularly construction toys, like oi-blocks, foster three- dimensional thinking, problem solving, imagination and creativity. That's what we care about.

We manufacture the blocks and rods for oi-blocks in our workshop at the Lake Geneva in Switzerland. To ensure high quality, we put a lot of beech wood, craftsmanship and passion into the fabrication of our construction toys.